Scientz-10N Freeze Dryer


Accord with internationalstandards of Green environmental friendly

7"True-colorTouchScreen,Chinese EnglishBilingual Interface,display drying curve and history curve;

U disk Can storage lyophilized data;

●Upload software can print curve;

Embeddedcircuit design, 128 M FLASH, can save dozentimes Lyophilized data;

Large opening trap, no coilinside, with samples pre-freeze function

Importedrefrigeration compressor, low noise

Coldtrap and control panel were made by stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, easyto clean

Transparent Bell type dryingroom, secure and ocular

Stainlesssteel sample holder, common sample plate spacing adjustable

Smallsize and easy to operate

●Nitrogeninflation valve within

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